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Perrigo recognizes that we impact the environment in a variety of ways, and is committed to promoting environmental stewardship by calculating and reducing our global footprint on energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, waste and recycling.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Withdrawn – Update & Summary

Corporately, absolute GHG emissions were reduced by an estimated 12.8% from 2016 to 2017. To better understand why, see the 2018 CSR report.

In terms of total water withdrawn, 2017 was flat to 2016 with <1% reduction in absolute water withdrawn. To better understand why, see the 2018 CSR report.

Packaging Sustainability Approach

The core of Perrigo's Consumer Healthcare business model is to invite comparison of equivalent national brands, through National Brand Equivalent (NBE) packaging. In other words, Perrigo's consumers and retail partners often request, if not require, packaging to be as similar to the national brand as possible. This often puts our product packaging at the mercy of the brands and thus adds several unique challenges to our packaging sustainability efforts.

With that said, our packaging engineers are often looking for opportunities to reduce materials, improve efficiency, use recycled content or keep sustainability in mind when designing new packaging. For example, the thermoforms or trays used in OTC products in the U.S. are comprised of 35-60% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Additionally, neck caddies or carriers are 96-99% PCR, while our shippers and corrugated are 50% to 100% PCR. Perrigo, joined the How2Recycle® initiative in order to better educate the consumer on what is, and is not, recyclable. Throughout 2017, Perrigo added the H2R symbol to hundreds of products for a variety of retailers, and is continuing to do so into 2018.

Employee Engagement

From celebrating Earth Week, to annual tree planting, to making everyday sustainable decisions, Perrigo and our employees are encouraged to be as active and involved as they are able to be.

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