Our Commitments

Helping consumers access safe, effective and affordable self-care products

Perrigo is committed to helping consumers manage their self-care needs while also managing their costs. To help us meet our commitment, we invest in robust quality systems that enable us to manufacture high-quality products while keeping our production costs low.

Strong Corporate Governance

Perrigo's Legal and Compliance organization has created a multi-faceted Corporate Governance program that ensures global training, leadership-level and corporate-driven guidance, and local support. Their efforts have been instrumental in enabling Perrigo's growth strategy and our ability to navigate the complexities of a dynamic global business landscape and all the challenges that landscape presents.

Complying with regulatory and legal requirements

Our company is subject to numerous laws and regulations across the globe that govern everything from the way we manufacture our products to the work environment we provide our employees. In addition, the way we do business is guided by our code of ethics and corporate values, and monitored through our compliance program.

Demonstrating environmental stewardship

We adhere to good manufacturing practices while keeping a close eye on our environmental impact. We have programs in place to monitor and conserve energy use, reduce waste from operations and offices, increase our recycling efforts and monitor water consumption.

Continuously improving packaging sustainability

Perrigo considers environmental impact when designing and selecting materials for our packaging. More and more, companies are being asked by customers and consumers to distribute products in more ecofriendly packaging.

Protecting human rights of our global employees and challenging our partners to do the same

Respecting the human rights of our employees is a core value and one that we expect our business partners to share. This includes fostering an environment where employees can contribute their ideas, ask questions, raise concerns and be respected for their abilities.

Diversity of Thought, Experience and Perspective

Perrigo values diversity – not only by gender, but by thought, experience and perspective. We welcome all types of personalities, skills, and experience at Perrigo. We believe that the more our employee population can mirror our customers and consumers, the better we'll be able to respond to changing marketplace dynamics and customer needs. In 2013 Perrigo was named a 2020 Women on Boards Company, which recognizes companies that have 20% or more of their board seats held by women.

Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees

Perrigo is committed to fostering an environment that supports employee productivity and protects them on the job. We have a strong culture of safety in all of our operations, and we provide benefits and programs that encourage health and wellness amongst all of our employees.

Establishing effective community partnerships

We impact the communities in which we operate in many ways, through our charitable donations, volunteering and support of local businesses.

Click here for Perrigo's Global Environmental Health and Safety Policy.

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